Yuletide Tales

Kindle Unlimited Book

Truly's Hope
A Cowboy's Christmas Prayers

Authors: Laura J. Marshall and Suzanne D. Williams

The fire is lit and snow has fallen, deep and silent.
And piercing the darkness, an oil lamp to read in quiet repose.
A warm blanket awaits.
Timeless yuletide tales.

Truly's Hope:
1890, Montana

It’s almost Christmas and Truly Faust is alone on her family homestead at the bottom of a mountain in Wild Goose, Montana.
Recluse, Luke Keating, has come down to resupply before the winter freeze sets in.
A winter storm briefly throws them together and a spark of hope is lit.
But when circumstances separate them, will distance prove too much?

A Cowboy's Christmas Prayers:
1905, South Dakota

Stone Tyler Wayne, the man with three first names, is just a simple cowboy. He has little to show for his hard-working ways other than the calluses on his hands, yet he folds these hands in consistent prayer to the One who sees his heart.
Nan Kinsey is the boss’ daughter. Her father plans to marry her off to the ranch owner’s son next door.
The problem is, she is drawn instead to Stone.
Will their Christmas prayers be answered?


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